Aol Content Platform

Design a new foundation for Aol’s content products.

During the course of a redesign of Aol Music, the scope grew to a redesign of the network platform.   Our team created a new interaction pattern library, and a unified visual design foundation for all of Aol’s content management tools and platforms.

30% increase in engagement across the key metrics of visitors, page views, and page views/visit.

We cast an internal team of product managers, editors, designers, and engineers to collaborate on the network redesign.  We staged a dedicated innovation lab for the duration of the project, and filled it with relevant research, marketing data, and design tools.  Leaders from each discipline and business unit contributed to the strategic definition of project through design-led sketching and prototyping exercises.  The design team defined common interaction patterns (navigation, editorial presentation, user generated content, photo/video/audio players), defined a foundational visual grid and typographic hierarchy, concepted new premium advertising opportunities, and provided templates allowing for channel level expression.  The engineering team rebuilt publishing tools, media libraries, and created a new front end framework for the entire platform from the ground up.

35% increase in all key metrics.