Branding and visual identity for a sock manufacturer based in North Carolina.

The new visual identity was launched during a organizational and operational shift at the company. The primary goal was to evoke what the Nester brand aspired to be. The identity needed to communicate the new mission statement and philosophy of the company. It also needed to inspire employees, helping to improve company performance and customer satisfaction. Concurrently, we wanted to increase the company’s visibility to relevant external target groups such as customers, business partners, investors, and journalists.

We wrote a clear brand position, defined the brand’s personality, and then executed the visual identity. We created trademark that distinguished itself from the competitve landscape, could be used in all desirable applications, had attention value, evoked the company’s values, and was in harmony with the company’s marketing strategy.

The brand position and identity system have contributed to the company’s continued growth as a leading sock manufacturer in the US.

Kelly Nester, President Nester Hosiery
Pablo Caro, Logotype Designer