Yahoo Autos

Redesign Yahoo Autos, one of the company’s most profitable products.

The product team had completed extensive market analysis and some generative research prior to the redesign, and there were several key insights that the design team wanted to act on.  At the same time, the team’s willingness to radically change the user experience of the site was constrained by the product’s financial success.  A radical change to the architecture of the site would have significant consequences in terms of search engine relevance, advertising performance, and overall customer satisfaction.  At the same time, the current product was inconsistent, dated, and had been optimized financially to a flat line of 10% annual growth.

30% increase in engagement.  30% increase in advertisting revenue and partnerships.  Customer Satisfaction index increase of 10%.

My first assignment was to replace the listings partner with data from, representing about 20% of the overall revenue for the site.  With the engineering team’s support, I took this opportunity to define a new foundational grid, visual design system, and modular front end for the site.  The success of the listings redesign gave the product team the confidence to use the new design foundation across the site.  We spent the next 6 months applying the new design philosophy to each and every interaction on the site.  We focused on improving the integration with Yahoo’s social media content (Answers, Flickr, Video), amplifying the site’s editorial voice, optimizing all ad unit placements, and creating better advertiser opportunities for integration and customization.

Engagement metrics up 30% across the product with a substantial lift in advertising revenue.  Several interaction patterns were embraced by the pattern library, including the implementation of the foundational grid across the network.  Customer Satisfaction saw a 10% improvement.